Organisations who have seen us work so successfully with their managers and executives often are inspired to harness the power of coaching as an internal competency.

Our coaching academies approach enables this.

Our clients have discovered that building their own internal coaching framework allows them to work autonomously and with increasing coaching confidence, integrating coaching and its benefits into organisational culture.

Advantages of internal coaching

Setting up internal coaching also equips personnel with valuable new skill sets, that also have value outside the coaching framework.

We can help:

  • develop a sound peer coaching framework
  • identify the right people with the right skills and attributes to enrol
  • equip them with the tools and approaches they need.

How the process works

We have a detailed model that takes you from this initial identification process, through workshop training and finally a formal supported follow up process, as your new internal coaches begin to deploy their skills.

The follow up sessions bolster their learning and also allow peer coaches to come together, share their experiences and successes, as well as tackle any issues and challenges.

Coaching academy components

  1. Promotion, application and vetting procedure.

  2. Short listing, interviews and interview feedback.

  3. Creation of an internal infrastructure.

  4. Setting expectations and commitments.

  5. Coaching contracts.