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More than ever, training and coaching need IMPACT

Using our experience we give you the insights that help unlock the best ways to measure the effectiveness of your coaching and training.

  • For HR/L&D/talent recruitment & development teams.
  • Email us in advance if you have any specific questions you’re seeking answers to.
  • Come and let us share with you the insights we’ve built up over 15 years and help you get more bang for your training and coaching bucks.

We’ve been helping clients develop their people for over 15 years and we love every minute of it. Now we’ve found a great way to help even more with IMPACT: Insights Measuring Performance and Accountability in Coaching and Training.

Join us for our next Talent Night and find out how?

When: Wednesday, October 11th, 6.30-8.30pm
Where: MediaCom, London

  • Talent Night events are free.
  • But places are strictly limited so you must book.
  • And our Talent Night events always kick off with a glass of something nice, accompanied by some nibbles.

Your training and coaching initiatives have an impact every day – but how do you prove that?

You have a great new training programme in place, or you’re organising some top notch coaching for your senior people, but… you don’t get round to measuring the impact on your business? Sound familiar?

Reasons range from the classic “no time” through to “yes, but how can I really prove it to my board?”

HR, training, talent acquisition & development practitioners know time is tight and resources are limited. But boards and budget holders increasingly demand measures that demonstrate both efficacy and financial benefit when developing your workforce.

  • Feedback forms and surveys provide you with some data.
  • Pre and post workshop assessments can fill in some of the gaps.
  • Tracking delivery against objectives, appraisals, 360s and other types of analysis all play their part.
  • But how do you create an IMPACT Dashboard that works for you? What to use, what to ignore? Getting the balance right beween devil and detail?

Bec Development Talent Nights involve lively conversations and high-value input from an expert – this time it’s from Bec Development MD and founder Helen Tiffany. Helen Tiffany has run more workshops, trained more talent and coached more leaders than you can shake a stick at. She has a post grad in Training and Development Strategy and specialises in developing people in management and leadership roles.

Hear from Helen. Get some ideas that you can start to put into practice starting the moment you get back into the office. This is also a chance for you to share your own experiences and insights with industry peers and do so while sipping a glass of something chilled… and probably fizzy.

Our event partners – Mediacom

The event is being hosted by Bec Development client and global media agency MediaCom.

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We certainly wouldn’t want to influence you but… how does £100 off this masterclass sound?

Bec Development clients are benefiting from substantial discounts on a range of workshops and masterclasses being run by us for the Content Marketing Association (CMA).

The next masterclass takes place in October – the date is currently being finalised – and focuses on Influencing.

  • The full price for this masterclass is £299 + VAT.
  • Bec Development clients can attend for £199 + VAT.

The masterclass is aimed at all those leading or managing teams, managing internal relationships, or dealing directly with clients. It will show those attending how to refine their own influencing style and use a range of strategies and techniques with confidence and impact.

The masterclass is run by Shelia Clark who uses her extensive board level experience to help people in business achieve superior performance and become powerful influencers. You can read more about Sheila in Our Coaches & Trainers section

When: Wednesday, October 25th – 9.30am to 1pm
Where: London

  • To ensure discounted places early booking is essential*.
  • When you book your place select the CMA member rate of £199 + VAT*

*Please say that you heard about the course from Bec Development to ensure you benefit from this price.

The Influencing Masterclass covers:

  • understanding different influencing styles and behaviours
  • exploring techniques, such as Push and Pull and reframing
  • listening and questioning approaches
  • creating personal strategies to meet your challenges
  • how to prepare and have the most impact
  • practicing and flexing your influencer style
  • leaving with a toolkit you can start using right away.
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Accreditation for Coaches – what you need to know

As demand for coaching continues to grow, so does the demand for coaching accreditation.

  • Buyers of coaching services – both individuals and organisations – seek verifiable ways of comparing and differentiating coaching providers.
  • Accreditation demonstrates that coaches have benchmarked themselves against high professional standards, and provides essential reassurance regarding levels of experience and capability.

So we are delighted to announce that Jeannette Marshall, Director of Accreditation at the Association for Coaches (AC), who accredit The Coach House – our coach training programme – and are one of the leading professional bodies for coaches and organisations, will  provide an insight into all things accreditation-related at our next Coach House event. Find out more about The Coach House, our accredited coach training programme.

Continued Professional Development (CPD) and Networking event – Tuesday, November 7th

This is an opportunity to find out more about (and demystify) the requirements for AC Accreditation and ask any questions. It’s a chance to understand:

  • what benefits accreditation will bring to you
  • what specifically you need to do
  • just how developmental accreditation can be!

When: Tuesday, November 7th – 6.30pm to 8.30pm
Where: We’re finalising details for a central London, easily accessible location*
*Our Coach House events are fun and popular so it makes sense to book your place as soon as possible. We’ll send you the exact location as soon as it’s finalised.
Cost: £10

Find out more – network over a drink and nibbles

Our Coach House events also give you the opportunity to network with tutors, other students and our growing, prestigious alumni, as well as other specially invited guests.

Leverage your coaching qualification

Accreditation can leverage your accredited coaching qualification by demonstrating that:

  • your qualification competence is being applied in practice
  • you have a successful track record with clients
  • you work professionally by adhering to an internationally recognised code of ethics, undertaking CPD and participating in supervision with a qualified supervisor.
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Building your Coaching Practice

Create & sustain a thriving coaching business that works for you & your lifestyle

This interactive session will help you to:

  • Identify your coaching market
  • Start to create a business plan
  • Understand where to find clients
  • Know how to be successful in chemistry meetings
  • Know what and how to charge
  • Build your business

When: February 2018
Where: Central London

The session will be led by Helen Tiffany, who has been the MD of Bec Development for 15 years, building a successful coaching and training practice that has expanded year on year.  Read more about Helen

  • Helen will share her experiences, challenges and insights to help you maximize every opportunity to build the business you want.
  • Go away with templates, tools and inspiration.
  • This workshop is practical and interactive so email any questions before and we will add them to the programme!
Email to learn more about speaker panel slots & sponsorship

Maternity & Menopause

How is your organisation creating the change?

Each year millions of women in the UK begin asking themselves life-changing questions about their work and career paths because of one of the words above.

The conclusions they come to can profoundly influence what they earn, the roles they undertake and the way they work.

These conclusions also impact the organisations they work with.

  • These are big questions.
  • But is your organisation delivering big answers?
  • And if not, how much talent is being lost while we still wait for those answers?

Ask the questions – and help us answer them

The Bec Development M&M Debate takes a look at Maternity & Menopause with the aim of creating new thinking around both topics.

When: Date to be confirmed.
Where: Central London.

  • Starting a family – workplace attitudes have evolved but what’s missing from current thinking?
  • Is “menopause” the last HR taboo?
  • What should organisations being doing to prevent the female brain drain?
  • A panel of speakers with unique perspectives on the issues.
  • A chance to help shape the debate.

Ticket prices will be kept low but will include a donation to Barnardo’s.

The panel will include Helen Tiffany, MD of the Bec Development.

“I am currently going through the menopause and am very aware how it can impact on everything from energy levels to confidence. My conversations with a whole range of women at various stages in their careers make it very clear that many of this issues are also experienced by women starting families. Yet the debate about these topics seems to be extremely limited. We’d like to change that.”