Our skills focus on delivering business training and coaching that can be put to use immediately.

We do this by working with a team of highly qualified trainers and coaches who have both exemplary credentials and up-to-the-minute industry knowledge.

We work hard to understand a client’s organisational culture, vision, values, objectives, ambitions and even the obligatory office politics!

But we also know you sometimes need solutions fast.
(Fast but with attention to detail – well, we wouldn’t have it any other way.)

So we offer a range of “off the peg” training, which we have tried, tested and refined over time and which can be delivered in shorter or longer blocks – from full day workshops and courses to bite-size learning.

Our trainers & coaches

“My vision was to create a training and coaching business that provides that little bit more, and with an to approach learning based on energy and knowledge, not process.”

– Helen Tiffany, Managing Director