Agile for non-technical projects & teams

Originally devised to speed up software development and reduce time to market, Agile is a revolutionising ways of working, transforming how whole organisations think about and tackling non-tech challenges and workloads.

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Workshop 1 – Becoming Agile

Half day

This half day workshop delivers the concepts of Agile in a way that creative, marketing, sales, managers and leaders can relate to, breaks these down into business-critical approaches and hacks and begins to apply them to everyday situations such as:

  • project over-runs
  • workload backlogs
  • meeting overload and top down bottlenecks
  • too much thinking and not enough doing
  • de-energised teams
  • how language can demotivate situations

What you’ll learn

  • Why companies such as Sky, ING, River Island, Bosch, Sainsbury’s… are embracing Agile
  • How to take bigger projects (with longer timescales) and reduce them down into shorter, faster, more doable tasks
  • Collaborating across teams and organisations – the how not the who
  • Faster, more effective and more autonomous decision making

Workshop 2 – Agile Challenge Buster

Full day

Delegates who’ve completed our Becoming Agile half-dayer may choose to move on to this full-day workshop tailored to specific challenges and teams.

Bring your project into the training room and start applying Agile to it:

  • Prioritising & chunking.
  • Applying storyboard, personas, ideation to get the job done.
  • Who does what and why?
  • How long is long enough?
  • How good is good enough?
  • What does finished look like for this particular project?

Workshop 3 – Agile Marketing

Half day

This workshop is specifically geared to Agile methodologies that can be used to develop new ways to embed efficiency and foster collaboration across various marketing functions.

Delegates learn how to apply these methodologies to real world examples, using hypothesis-driven, test and learn approaches which drive marketing KPIs

  • Keeping to deadlines, avoiding back log and mission creep.
  • Using real-time data and insight to continuously iterate and optimise campaigns mid-flight to maximise ROI.
  • Creating short, mid and long term plans for how to apply what you’ve learned back in your organisation.
  • How to overcome potential cultural and logistical roadblocks.