Some clients choose to embed excellence, skills and competencies even deeper within their organisational framework.

We can help clients establish internal Business Academies. Bec Development trainers deliver the modules and courses, but within the business branding, business objectives and career paths unique to that client.

Business Academies enable a further level of tailoring to the specific needs of the business or organisation.

It can raise the profile of a company’s learning and development framework and be framed as an additional benefit, attractive to both existing employees looking for career progression – without moving – and to new entrants, particularly graduates.

We can help:

  • identify the appropriate courses and models
  • set attainment levels eg Basic, Intermediate, Master
  • help identify participants and match them to the right courses within the programme.

How the process works

Our experience with other clients has given us a robust framework for developing Business Academies.

Our range of tutors, trainers and coaches – and their exemplary skillsets – mean we have a breadth of knowledge on tap, so you don’t have to recruit from scratch. This approach is also more cost effective.

We can tie delivery to key dates in the business calendar, including the recruitment cycle and to employee recognition schemes.

Business Academy components:

  1. Course and workshop component selection.
  2. Development of structure within the business branding.
  3. Candidate selection.
  4. Delivery and feedback.
  5. Personal progress plans.
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