We have training devised specifically for the creative industry and led by people who have spent years working with the creative sector and understand the deadline driven, challenging nature of the work.

The know-how and confidence to run your own idea sessions – either informally with a few of you, or more formally in a workshop setting.  Learn how to design and facilitate a really good session, including the most productive and creative use of time; along with the tools and techniques to get really creative ideas out of people.

Learn how to have brighter ideas with greater commercial value. Nifty tricks and tools to help you generate lots of ideas very quickly, either on your own or in a group. Plus no-nonsense advice on the right mindset when generating new ideas and how to apply all this to everyday working life.

You don’t want to dampen someone’s creativity but you need to ensure that they’re on track, both in terms of their own career and the needs of the business (and its clients). The Art of Giving Feedback explores how to give feedback, ensuring that it’s energising, helpful and motivating. Ideal for those working on multi-stakeholder projects where point of view is important but consensus is everything.

“The best thing was the good feeling that comes with having ideas!”
“Highly engaging and fun training that will be truly valuable in daily life”

Account Director, JCDecaux