Flourishing professionally and personally

We all benefit from enhancing our skill sets, whether it be navigating the world with confidence, nailing your next pitch or presentation, enhancing your commercial savvy, or bringing a new edge to the way you sell and close.

Creativity & Great Ideas

It can be difficult always needing to turn on the ideas tap for every brief that comes across your desk with the added pressure that these ideas must  have commercial value.

  • Nifty tricks and tools to get lots of ideas very quickly. Either on your own or in a group
  • No-nonsense advice on the right mindset to have when generating ideas
  • How to apply what you learn to your own working life

We can also train your people in the skills they need to facilitate their own creative workshops and brainstorming sessions.

Through a fusion of story-structure and improvisational acting techniques, we make presentations more immediate, enjoyable, memorable, and relevant – particularly when there is a dense amount of material for you to work through.

The focus is on immersive, practical work. As a result of attending, participants will get the chance to create and present a specific business story within the session.

They will also have the tools and techniques to create other presentations bespoke to specific clients and scenarios.

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Being competitive in pitches and winning new business is vital to the wellbeing and development of any agency or vendor.

With typical pitch conversion rates running at 1 win in every 3 pitches, plus the cost of pitching increasing all the time, the stakes have never been higher.

We show your teams how to give your business the edge and become Pitch Perfect.

Using your own presentation as an example, you will get the opportunity to practice and develop your impact.

  • How to develop your pitch
  • How to fine tune your message
  • How to overcome nerves and bad habits

Combining behavioural change findings with practical experience to make marketing messages have more impact and be more memorable.

How you show up and why that matters. Personal brand equity and how to build your confidence when it counts.

From hubs to networks. How agencies are structured and getting in front of the people that count to make your message stick.

How algorithms can help you write. How we reveal who we are through our writing, and even clues to our gender (through our use of just one three letter word).

“Highly engaging and fun training that will be truly valuable in daily life”<br /> - JCDecaux
``Really enjoyed the session. Very interactive and thought provoking, thoroughly enjoyed the impromptu storytelling!”-
“The course was very relevant and insightful and I feel I have improved already.”<br /> -
“The only presentation training that has actually helped!”-
“Great course, very relaxed style, lots of positive‘takeouts.``-