We all benefit from enhancing our skill sets

Navigate the world with confidence. Nail your next pitch or presentation. Enhance your commercial savvy, your creative edge, or the way you sell and close.

Creativity & Great Ideas

Turn on the ideas tap for every brief that comes across your desk and ensure these ideas have commercial value.

  • Understand how your brain works and how you can rapidly accelerate creative thinking
  • Set the scene for ‘ideas unlimited’
  • Generate more ideas than you ever thought possible, more quickly and whilst having more fun
  • Selecting your best ideas and how to give them legs!

Through a fusion of story-structure and improvisational techniques, make business-critical stories more immediate, more enjoyable, more memorable and more relevant.

  • How to work through dense amounts of material to find your stories
  • Tools and techniques to create stories bespoke to specific clients and scenarios
  • Create and present a specific business story within the session

Emotional Intelligence for Success

This workshop, led by a business psychologist with over 20 years’ experience, gets you understanding what Emotional Intelligence is and why it’s important for you and your career.

  • Know what your current strengths are.
  • Identify the areas you need to develop.
  • Increase self-awareness.

Understand the impact emotions (conscious and unconscious) have on decisions and learn how to use empathy to unlock relationships with colleagues and clients.

Find out how to engage in organisational politics in an emotionally intelligent way.

Delivering Exceptional Client Service

Whether you’re running a commercial enterprise, or working within one, delivering exceptional client service is an essential – face-to-face, on the phone,  or over the internet, this workshop shows you how to manage day-to-day interactions as well as tricky situations, in person and at arms length, with ease, confidence and success.

  • Increases focus on client service throughout the organisation
  • Increases self confidence and professionalism in client interactions
  • Better understanding and use of client-facing processes – from pitch to delivery and beyond
  • Greater understanding of the client viewpoint and how to tailor responses accordingly

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Being competitive in pitches and winning new business is vital to the wellbeing and development of any agency or vendor.

With typical pitch conversion rates running at 1 win in every 3 pitches, plus the cost of pitching increasing all the time, the stakes have never been higher.

We show your teams how to give your business the edge and become Pitch Perfect.

Using your own presentation as an example, you will get the opportunity to practice and develop your impact.

  • How to develop your pitch
  • How to fine tune your message
  • How to overcome nerves and bad habits

How you show up and why that matters. Personal brand equity and how to build your confidence when it counts.

From hubs to networks. How agencies are structured and getting in front of the people that count to make your message stick.

“Highly engaging and fun training that will be truly valuable in daily life”-
``Really enjoyed the session. Very interactive and thought provoking, thoroughly enjoyed the impromptu storytelling!”-
``My career has involved enrolment on many different courses and training sessions largely around management and sales. It is with hand on heart that i can truly say that the most challenging and rewarding sessions were with Bec Development.``-
“The only presentation training that has actually helped!”-
“Great course, very relaxed style, lots of positive takeouts.``-