What happens online affects the bottom line.

Courses and workshops designed to enrich your skills and business impact as you navigate the fast-paced, increasingly digital and interconnected world we all live and work in.

AI – Artificial Intelligence

There is increasing noise about the potential of AI to improve our lives and our businesses. But what are the potential downsides and how to you distinguish hype from fact?

This workshop brings you the latest thinking, the practical potential for you and what you do, coupled with the basics.

  • What is it?
  • How can we harness it?
  • What are the ethical considerations, the risks and the challenges?

Whether you are an agency, marketer or HR professional; product lead or commercial operator, this workshop is for you.

Digital Foundation

Ensuring you’re up to speed with the latest thinking around key digital disciplines: search, mobile, video, social, native… and how advertising technology, data and programmatic mechanisms are affecting change.

  • How digital can be measured. Not just what but why?
  • Uncovering insights about behaviour and performance in a digital environment.
  • Recognising future trends that will impact on consumers and businesses.

You’ll also explore creating short, mid and long term plans applying what you’ve learned whilst also considering how to overcome potential cultural and logistical roadblocks.

You may also be interested in…

  • Explore how the change in consumption impacts on the broader media sector, and understand how the landscape is structured.
  • Learn about all of the key digital disciplines: search, mobile, video, social, native, etc.
  • Understand how advertising technology is central to all digital media, and how data and programmatic mechanisms are affecting change.
  • Confidently able to recommend the correct measurement to a client and to uncover insight and supporting evidence using the right tools.
  • Explore how to address specific business challenges (adaptable based on client needs) in the digital sector.

PROJECT: Groups develop three scenarios, based on the real world, and pitch a response to a brief in an integrated way.

A series of individual sessions from Foundation course through to Digital Sales, Integrated Strategy and Programmatic.

  • How programmatic buying works, how to use it and what you need to have in place to be able to execute it.
  • How data can and should be used to drive programmatic planning and buying of media.
  • Identify the different approaches to programmatic, from real time bidding to automated guaranteed.
  • How marketers and agencies are deploying programmatic in their channel mix.