DARE to be different! People never forget how you make them feel.

We have three ways for you to engage in difference. Opt in to any or all 3 zones:
AWARE – Maybe you’d like to find out how different (or not!) you are.
SHARE – Develop your teams through the D & I lens to become even more productive.
DARE – Take difference to the next level and help your leaders develop an inclusive style.


  • Generate insights and data to identify your current inclusion & diversity strengths to build on, challenges to address and next step actions that will make the most positive impact.
  • We work closely with you so that you fully own the results and so that the strategy and action plan fit with your wider work and business priorities.
  • We tap into what your people really think and experience around inclusion and diversity.

Inclusion conversations

  • face to face/ virtual focus groups and on-line conversations
  • anonymised inclusion and diversity stories from your own people
  • patterns of behaviours and actions that support – or get in the way of – building an inclusive culture
  • first-hand understanding of how inclusion impacts performance

Inclusion survey

  • quantitative data on the factors that drive inclusion in your business
  • see where your inclusion strengths are in your business through results cut by office, function, geography… and different groups, such as gender, age, nationality…


  • Establish a common understanding of what inclusion and diversity mean within your business.
  • Develop the core skills and behaviours that support an inclusive culture.
  • We tailor our content and delivery approach to your business.

Inclusion webinars

  • introduce inclusion and diversity and what these mean within your business
  • understand why inclusion and diversity are important for your business
  • develop understanding of the key behaviours and actions you can take to support inclusion and diversity
  • build awareness of what can get in the way of inclusion – including unconscious bias
  • leave with some practical actions you can apply right away

Peak performance

  • experience how your team can work together in an even more inclusive way


  • Implement actions and programmes that make a real difference to building on the strengths of diversity amongst your employees and customers.
  • We help you identify and deliver the actions and programmes that help build even greater inclusion and diversity in your business.

Dare to Be different
Our signature inclusive leadership programme  – Be different

  • understand the difference higher and lower levels of inclusion have on performance
  • build awareness of your own impact on creating inclusion and diversity
  • experience the skills, behaviours and actions needed to lead inclusively
  • leave with practical tools you can apply right away

1-to-1 coaching

  • helping your leaders be great inclusive leaders, deal with current challenges, develop individual, authentic inclusive leadership presence

Inclusive programmes

  • bring people together – employees and clients – around inclusion and diversity issues that really matter to them
  • we can help you set up employee resource groups e.g. on gender, sexual orientation, disability, age…
  • we run engaging and motivating workshops on key topics such as menopause, wellbeing at work, resilience…
“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”- Poet, singer and activist Maya Angelou
“We think about diversity as hiring people who think differently from each other.``- Abba Newbery, Director of Strategy, Habito
``If we are to truly tailor our approach to meet our members’, customers’ and stakeholders’ needs, we need to understand them and the best way to do that is to ensure our organisation is diverse in its make up as the people we serve.”- Keith Hanlon-Smith, Human Resources Director, Rail Standard and Safety Board
“We don’t want to be one of those companies that just has diversity in its junior ranks.``- Nancy Lengthorn, Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Future Talent, MediaCom