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How is your organisation doing? Let’s take a moment…

Each year millions of women in the UK begin asking themselves life-changing questions about their work and career paths because of one of the words above.

The conclusions they come to can profoundly influence what they earn, the roles they undertake and the way they work.

So join us for Meno-Pause 2019, and take a moment to consider a new way of navigating the change – personally, professional and organisationally.

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Ask the questions – and help us answer them

Bec Development’s Meno-Pause 2019 takes a thoughtful and thought provoking look at Menopause with the aim of creating new thinking and initiatives.

When: Date to be confirmed.
Where: Central London.

  • Workplace attitudes have evolved but what’s missing from current thinking?
  • Is “menopause” the last HR taboo?
  • What should organisations being doing to prevent the female brain drain?
  • A panel of speakers with unique perspectives on the issues.
  • A chance to help shape the debate.

The panel will include Helen Tiffany, MD of the Bec Development.

“I am currently going through the menopause and am very aware how it can impact on everything from energy levels to confidence. My conversations with a whole range of women at various stages in their careers make it very clear that many of the issues are relevant to women at all stages in their careers. Yet the debate about this topic seems to be extremely limited. We’d like to change that.”

Building your Coaching Practice

Create & sustain a thriving coaching business that works for you & your lifestyle

This interactive session will help you to:

  • Identify your coaching market
  • Start to create a business plan
  • Understand where to find clients
  • Know how to be successful in chemistry meetings
  • Know what and how to charge
  • Build your business

When: Date to be confirmed
Where: Central London

The session will be led by Helen Tiffany, who has been the MD of Bec Development for 15 years, building a successful coaching and training practice that has expanded year on year.  Read more about Helen

  • Helen will share her experiences, challenges and insights to help you maximize every opportunity to build the business you want.
  • Go away with templates, tools and inspiration.
  • This workshop is practical and interactive so email any questions before and we will add them to the programme!

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