Executive Coaching

Each step is carefully planned & thoughtfully delivered

Executive Coaching is a professional relationship between a trained coach and a client to enhance the client's leadership or management performance and development.

Code of Practice

For coaching to be truly effective there needs to be an open, trusting and honest relationship so that you can say whatever comes to mind and know that it goes no further. That’s why we work within a strict code of practice. What you say to us stays with us.

Your coaching sessions may be designed to help you achieve in a wider business context and may even be funded by your employer, but the space and dialogue between coach and the person being coached remains sacrosanct.

Any feedback required by the employer is pre-agreed and is ideally given by the person being coached.

The right fit

Matching you with the right coach is critical. This will be someone who you feel comfortable with and is a good fit for your experience, industry and needs.

It elevates the relationship dynamic beyond the level of simply imparting strong approaches and robust strategies designed to achieve your goals and ambitions.

It brokers the important contract between the two of you, not only about what will be tackled but how your progress will defined and acknowledged, so you both feel that progress is being made at a tangible level.

Together you’ll explore what you want from coaching and discuss personal and business objectives. And make sure they are aligned.

Our Coaches

• At least 5 years experience within a commercial environment

• A minimum of 200 hours coaching

• Regular personal coaching supervision

• Recognised accreditation*.

These in-house coach training programmes and courses are designed to meet the growing demand for high quality coaching and coaching skills, which are increasingly recognised as business essentials.

The Coach House also deliver a 60-hr coach training programme, accredited by the Association for Coaching. The Coach House also delivers personal coaching at executive and board level.