Coach Training & Team Coaching

A powerful way to enhance people and improve performance

To us coaching has always been a super power, simply because of what it delivers to both the individual and the business.

With workplaces gradually becoming digital and hybrid working becoming common place , it is crucial that our leaders are armed with the correct tool in their toolkit to build and develop a resilient high performing team.

And one of those tools is coach training.

In its simplest form coaching is the act of providing a person with support to help them reach their goals . If executed correctly coaching can provide fundamental drivers around motivation and performance .

In leadership terms, knowing how to adopt a coaching approach can mean the main difference between creating leaders who inspire and motivate or leaders who simply instruct.

Coach training can:

  • Improve individual performance.
  • Helps to identify and develop high potential employees.
  • Helps identify both organisational and individual strengths and development opportunities.
  • Alongside our sister company, The Coach House we offer three main types:

    In-house Coach Training

    Developing coaching skills across complete teams and a coaching approach to communication, challenges and line management.

    Team Coaching

    A coaching mindset empowers teams to face and overcome challenges and clarify objectives.

    Executive Coaching

    Selecting the right coach for you. The initial chemistry session to check. Knowing that the person coaching you has the right experience, real world business presence and know how. All our coaches have the robust competencies to both support you and challenge you.