Commercial Skills

Creating commercial ’nouse’

Nouse, savvy, commercial acumen, business skills – however you want to describe it - take your pick.

Here at BD, we describe it as ‘having legs’ – whatever your choice of words, it’s crucial for your company’s success.

Businesses need their people to understand what it takes for an organisation to be successful , to serve its clients well and crucially to make a profit.

It gives them that much needed edge to navigate the choppy waters of the commercial world with confidence ; producing better pitches, proposals and presentations as well being more creative when it comes to selling and closing.

We can help.

Beyond The Brief

In our ever changing world one thing that is still a constant is the old adage - 'People buy people' not products, and that still applies whether we talk in person or virtually.

Strong relationships will always be key to business success; and building rapport is an essential skill to accelerate these all-important connections.

As is creating standout, PR ability, and knowing what makes your client tick.

And it would seem we sometimes forget this as we contend with new technologies and bad habits can start to creep in- this workshop can help. Your team will:

  • Learn ways to accelerate rapport building both in person and virtually
  • Learn different techniques to get connected to clients
  • How to develop client knowledge and know how to use it
  • How to consult, add value and sell up

Perfect for anyone in client facing / management roles

Storytelling for Business

Analysis might engage the mind, but it does not offer a route to the heart.

Nor does reading from slides….

Humans are intrinsic storytellers, yet we tend to forget this when it comes to business and think that bullet points are the story.

Understanding your audience, what they care about and want to hear is only part of the challenge, delivering it in a way that combines data, emotion and empathy is what will make the message really land. This is where storytelling enters the stage.

Stories build that wonderful feeling of connection , ultimately helping to persuade and influence.

Our programme helps to develop the skills your teams need to build connection through compelling business focused stories. It uses a fusion of story-structure and improvisational techniques to make business-critical messages more impactful, relevant, memorable and ultimately help win the business!

Our workshop helps your team:

  • How to work through dense amounts of material to find your stories
  • Discover tools and techniques to create stories bespoke to specific clients and scenarios
  • Create and present a specific business story within the session

Perfect for anyone who needs to produce pitches, proposals, reports and recommendations both internally and externally.


Do you want your business to be better at asking the big ‘what if’ questions?

Do you want your team to be able to create that all important competitive edge to stand out against your competition?

So what? What now? What next?

These short, powerful questions help fuel creativity and innovation for growth.

Creativity and innovation go hand in hand, there isn’t one without the other. Creativity enables new and unique ideas; innovation is the execution of that creativity - the new idea, solution, process, or product.

Being able to look at things creatively, from a different perspective or free from restrictions are driving forces behind innovation.

Contrary to popular belief, creative thinking skills can be learned; not from sitting in a room being spoken at but through hands on application of thinking processes using real life, relevant work examples to embed.

Our delegates leave with the ability to apply a creative mindset to their work and situations as they arise; armed with go-to frameworks that can be pulled down amongst the inevitable pressures of pitching, deadlines and financial targets.

Our training covers:

  • How to come up with ideas in the spur of the moment
  • How to be practical when coming up with creative ideas
  • How to extract a creative concept from a brief
  • Inspiring creativity within others
  • Lateral thinking
  • Running a successful brainstorming and moderation techniques
  • Teasing a brief from senior clients and contacts

Training is tailored to audience - anyone who needs to come up with new and different thinking, those in client facing roles, team managers & directors.

“BD have an array of workshops relevant to our sector, they are always so helpful and find the right solutions according to our need. Their workshops always receive such great feedback. Thank you!”

Natalie Viveiros Varon
Learning and Development, DMG MEDIA

“Training and development is hugely important to us and we have been really pleased with the engagement we have had with BD. The service and delivery of training has been very professional, and the courses themselves have been informative, useful and enjoyable”

Steve Croucher

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend BD. The team feel like an extensive of my team- I love working with them!! Huge amounts of knowledge and expertise but also plenty of fun!“

Zoe Oliver
Head of people & culture, KINETIC

“BD have been central to the growth and development of our people and our business this year. Their content is engaging, relevant, practical and delivered by inspiring trainers”.

Rachel Hall
Managing Partner, FINECAST

“We love working with BD over the past years as they are really understanding and flexible in adapting their ways of working to work for our people and how to bring the best out of them”

Paola De Marchi
Director of Learning & Development, PUBLICIS GROUPE

Bec Development are one of our principle training providers. We always feel confident that delegates will finish feeling motivated and ready to apply a range of new skills and ideas to their roles. Our people specifically request Bec Development training as they value the quality of their sessions from past experience

Colette Power
People & Culture (HR) Coordinator, Total Media

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