Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

ED&I deservedly remains a significant topic in the workplace.

Correcting these imbalances is the right thing to do; businesses should not only be reflective of the communities they serve but everyone should feel included, with a sense of belonging.

But representation is not enough.

Today’s leaders must know how to appraise, devise and embed ED&I culture throughout everything they do from onboarding to exiting.

True inclusion comes from a leadership that consistently harnesses the potential of difference and applies it to business objectives.

We can ensure this happens.

The Inclusive Manager

Our inclusive manager workshop is one such course to help your team harness that potential of difference.

It’s fair to say that the more we connect with the world around us, the more we are confronted with difference. Differences in terms of gender, race, age, appearance, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, education, and political beliefs, to name a few.

Increasingly our success as human beings depends on how successful we are at engaging with difference.

This interactive 2.5hr workshop aims to start participants on their journey to develop knowledge and understanding of diversity and inclusion in service of themselves and within your organisation.

Participants will explore how an inclusive culture where everyone can flourish, links to long term commercial success by considering:

  • The importance of organisational values in shaping culture
  • Conscious bias & unconscious bias and how it shows up at work
  • Identifying micro messages and aggressions and how to deal with them
  • How to create an inclusive environment where people can thrive and perform at their best
  • Taking a lead with our own team and organisation

Perfect for managers and leaders – can be tailored to any level

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