Leadership & Management

Becoming an inspirational leader

Our leaders are facing greater change than ever before; globalisation, rapidly evolving technology, hybrid working and increasing expectations to do more with less.

But this can be seen as a good thing.

We now have the perfect opportunity to create a new style of people management, shifting away from the outdated autocratic style and towards a more collaborative approach, fostering greater team work, productivity, innovation and creativity.

This is where we come in!

We know how to create and deliver programmes that will help turbocharge your leadership community to meet these challenges head on.

From new manager to the more experienced, future leaders and established ones, we work with you to identify and provide what is needed to help future proof your people and organisation.


Welcome to Reflex! A one stop shop of interactive workshops specifically created to meet today's challenges head on.

What makes them so great?

  • Reflex offers the scope to tailor your training to create a programme unique to you.
  • Addresses the challenges head on in an interactive, energising way.
  • Workshops include collaboration, communication, virtual presentations, and coaching for performance.
  • These are short, punchy sessions designed for maximum impact and interactivity.
  • Your team will leave energised and equipped with new tools and techniques ready for the challenges ahead.
Suitable for all levels of your management community.


Another of our new programmes this one designed specifically for future leaders. Help prepare your teams to become those all-important catalysts for change and ready for anything!

We've been designing leadership programmes for over 20 years, it's in our DNA. Drawing on this experience we've built Catalyst so your teams can:

  • Develop insight into your leadership style and strengths.
  • Learn how to empower others with your insight.
  • Become a catalyst for change.
Suitable for those who have strong management capability and have been identified as having leadership potential. Those who want to transition from operational roles to strategic visionaries.

RED10 Leadership Training

We know that in order for leaders to go from good to great they need to be many things to many people. And that's not easy!

Being able to flex, manage diverse groups that require autonomy, development and motivation takes energy and a shift from the more traditional top down leadership training.

Our programme Red10 embodies this and is designed to raise your people’s self-awareness , to explore how they are being, what and how they are doing and develop their leadership style in a way that’s authentic and relevant to them.

Learning and insights across 10 leadership behaviours, woven across five modules and building on our RED10 approach – Awareness, Application & Action.

Suitable for leaders who are ready to change – top people and future leaders developing the best in themselves and others.

More workshops with managers and leaders in mind

When we begin managing someone, or a whole team, we often learn on the job. This course will help you see what you are doing already that works and fill in the gaps.

We will spend time helping you explore your management styles, the relationships you have with those you manage and how to do all that – and still get the job done!

  • What management really means
  • How to juggle the “people stuff” with the day job
  • How to delegate, let go and get more done
  • How to motivate your teams
  • How to coach your people and get the best from them

Exploring the challenges of giving powerful feedback, along with insights into how feedback works, the process and key skills.

  • Past experiences that may frame your current approach.
  • What gets in the way of giving constructive feedback?
  •  An opportunity to practice some of the underpinning skills.
  • Understanding and applying the GROW model, using questions and listening to understand
  • Building skills through practise and feedback

Increase your ability to build powerful and enduring partnerships – an essential feature of the modern world of work.

Insights into how to increase your credibility, evolve existing relationships and understand how politics and power plays can effect the success of your partnerships.

  • What makes a great partnership?
  • How to manage expectations
  • Using the Trusted Advisor model to create credibility with clients, teams and stakeholders
  • How to use the trust equation to build better relationships
  • How to create an environment of reliability
  • How to use consulting skills to evolve relationships
  • How to better understand and overcome politics and power plays

“BD have an array of workshops relevant to our sector, they are always so helpful and find the right solutions according to our need. Their workshops always receive such great feedback. Thank you!”

Natalie Viveiros Varon
Learning and Development, DMG MEDIA

“Training and development is hugely important to us and we have been really pleased with the engagement we have had with BD. The service and delivery of training has been very professional, and the courses themselves have been informative, useful and enjoyable”

Steve Croucher

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend BD. The team feel like an extensive of my team- I love working with them!! Huge amounts of knowledge and expertise but also plenty of fun!“

Zoe Oliver
Head of people & culture, KINETIC

“BD have been central to the growth and development of our people and our business this year. Their content is engaging, relevant, practical and delivered by inspiring trainers”.

Rachel Hall
Managing Partner, FINECAST

“We love working with BD over the past years as they are really understanding and flexible in adapting their ways of working to work for our people and how to bring the best out of them”

Paola De Marchi
Director of Learning & Development, PUBLICIS GROUPE

Bec Development are one of our principle training providers. We always feel confident that delegates will finish feeling motivated and ready to apply a range of new skills and ideas to their roles. Our people specifically request Bec Development training as they value the quality of their sessions from past experience

Colette Power
People & Culture (HR) Coordinator, Total Media