Catalyst noun: a person or thing that precipitates an event or change; a person whose talk, enthusiasm or energy causes others to be more friendly , enthusiastic or energetic.

Having the skills and behaviours to transform and create energy and shift are business critical.

If some of your team have that strong management capability and have been identified as leadership potential , how can you help them to prepare to take the loop. critical.

This is where Catalyst comes in. critical.

Each module has been designed to help future leaders hone their skills with the 5Cs of:


Learn how understanding your strength can help develop insight and outsight to inspire your own confidence and in others.


Mastering the coaching essentials and using coaching techniques for performance.


Learning new collaboration techniques when going from managing to leading teams.


Recognising the power of courage and bravery at work, from how to have tough conversations to helping others find their voice.


Understanding your own and your teams response to change to help navigate the bumps in the road.

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