Red 10

Add impact where you need it- and meet today’s challenges head on.

SO why Red 10?

Red10, a stalwart programme in our leadership portfolio here at BD, because it’s simply one of the best workshops out there for training new and established leaders.

It is is based on the 10 leadership behaviours, essential to today’s climate , people and organizational demands, delivered across five modules.

Those 10 behaviours are:

Empowering feedback
Being a role model
Developing your team
Encouraging innovation
Celebrating success
Building trust
Influence and energy
Inspiring others
Championing change
Having a coaching mindset
The five modules are powerful standalone sessions and each one builds on the RED10 approach, strengthening and embedding leadership behaviours as you go.

Using the approach of:

And Action

Your leaders will share ideas, discuss current issues and consider how what they are learning could work in real life scenarios.

The 5 modules include:

Strength in Leadership
Developing a coaching Mindset
Powerful Conversations
Leading through change
Building and keeping a high performance team

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