Whether you’re embarking on a role in leadership for the first time, or simply looking to hone your skills, we can provide you with effective leadership skills to get better results in business.

We’ll shine a light on your own leadership style to unearth both your strengths, and weaknesses, and provide a forum to talk openly and constructively about the common challenges you may face.

Take inspiration from the list of courses below and then call us to find out how we can create a course tailored entirely to your needs.

The Leader as Coach

Emerging Leader

Developing Leader

Designed to help leaders explore their style, thinking and capability through a combination of discussion and practical exercises.

“Fantastic, inspirational and most importantly, relevant.”
“Positive, enlightening and offering quality feedback that I will use.”
“Engaging, informative, with a dose of laughter.”
“Excellent insight, great use of exercises and all done with humour, making the time fly.”

Emerging Leadership Programme – Havas