Building powerful partnerships. Having the right mix of people in a business. Ensuring a team are motivated and empowered.

Practical techniques and theoretical know-how to be an effective, confident and understanding manager and those stepping up to leadership.

Management Essentials

When we begin managing someone, or a whole team, we often learn on the job. This course will help you see what you are doing already that works and fill in the gaps.

We will spend time helping you explore your management styles, the relationships you have with those you manage and how to do all that – and still get the job done!

  • What management really means
  • How to juggle the “people stuff” with the day job
  • How to delegate, let go and get more done
  • How to motivate your teams
  • How to coach your people and get the best from them

Powerful Partnerships

Increase your ability to build powerful and enduring partnerships – an essential feature of the modern world of work.

This sessions gives an insight into how to increase your credibility, evolve existing relationships and understand how politics and power plays can effect the success of your partnerships.

  • What makes a great partnership?
  • How to manage expectations
  • Using the Trusted Advisor model to create credibility with clients, teams and stakeholders
  • How to use the trust equation to build better relationships
  • How to create an environment of reliability
  • How to use consulting skills to evolve relationships
  • How to better understand and overcome politics and power plays

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What do diversity and inclusion mean to your business? How can they impact your business success?

  • Understanding what diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias mean and why they’re important to your organisation
  • The skills, behaviours and actions needed to work in an inclusive way and how these can be applied day to day
  • Awareness of individual, team and organisational diversity and inclusion strengths and challenges

Combines theory and practical application to give you the essential skills required to be a confident people manager. Suitable for new and inexperienced managers, or those who have been running teams without the opportunity of formal training.

Exploring the challenges of giving good feedback, along with insights into how feedback works, the process and key skills.

  • Past experiences that may frame your current approach.
  • What gets in the way of giving constructive feedback?
  •  An opportunity to practice some of the underpinning skills.
  • Understanding and applying the GROW model, using questions and listening to understand
  • Building skills through practise and feedback

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Getting to grips with the talent process, practice interview techniques and explore the managers role in finding and keeping talent.

  • Employer brand and attracting talent
  • Getting the most from your recruiter
  • Finding talent
  • The CV and what to look for
  • Interview & question techniques
  • Structuring the interview and using W.A.S.P
  • Making the decision

Exploring three key elements of management and leadership: delegation, coaching and giving feedback.

Mastering these three skill areas enables you to empower your people to develop their capability for maximum motivation and performance.

  • Identifying tasks for delegation and assessing the benefits and potential problems
  • The power of listening and good questioning technique
  • Ways to give constructive feedback
``Really vibrant, knowledgeable facilitator and all the exercises were relevant and engaging. I learnt a lot!”- Cohn & Wolfe
``Understanding how to tackle difficult conversations, provide the most effective feedback and ultimately get the best out of the people I manage.”-
``A mind changing experience on how to receive and give feedback.”<br /> -
“Informative and interactive course with good theory as well as practical exercises to take away and use in our day to day work.”-
``Very engaging, useful and eye-opening.”-