Leadership skills training – become an inspirational leader

Develop effective, confident, perceptive leadership  & empower those stepping up to senior roles.

Finding the right leadership and management programmes can be tough. Hours of searching and you can still end up with nothing, or nothing that feels quite right. Meanwhile, you need to get a programme up and running for this autumn, or early 2020.

As training specialists, with 18 years of experience, we’ve done the work for you:

  1. Our programmes work (1000+ happy clients just this year).
  2. Clear pricing with no unexpected extras (but you can tailor up or down to fit your budget).
  3. You can badge the programmes so they become yours.

Stress not. Your search is over…


Welcome to neuroscience and learn how to apply its insights practically and effectively to connect brain and behaviour and lead your people in today’s complex and volatile world.

  • Know your limbics from your lobes
  • How to manage emotions in yourself and your people
  • How to motivate
  • Decision making


  • Brain matters
  • The Science of emotion
  • How to create a highly motivated workforce using 6 factors
  • Leading in a VUCA world


  • Rewriting traditional top down leadership training
  • Helping your top people develop the best in themselves and others
  • Learning and insights on 10 leadership behaviours, woven across 5 modules and building on the RED10 approach – Awareness, Application & Action


Develop your managers (and managers in the making) in ways that make the most of L&D time and budget, delivering learning with real meaning and relevance.

At the heart of FLEX sits our tried and tested one-day Management in 3 Acts. Then use all 7 FLEX half day sessions or choose just 4 (FLEX LITE) as defined by your business, your budget and your people.


  • Act 1 Step into Character – the role, how it’s changing and how it changes you.
  • Act 2 Taking Centre Stage – commending the space, directing and delegating.
  • Act 3 Sharing the Applause – motivating and managing through good times and bad.

More workshops with managers and leaders in mind

When we begin managing someone, or a whole team, we often learn on the job. This course will help you see what you are doing already that works and fill in the gaps.

We will spend time helping you explore your management styles, the relationships you have with those you manage and how to do all that – and still get the job done!

  • What management really means
  • How to juggle the “people stuff” with the day job
  • How to delegate, let go and get more done
  • How to motivate your teams
  • How to coach your people and get the best from them

Getting to grips with the talent process, practice interview techniques and explore the managers role in finding and keeping talent.

  • Employer brand and attracting talent
  • Getting the most from your recruiter
  • Finding talent
  • The CV and what to look for
  • Interview & question techniques
  • Structuring the interview and using W.A.S.P
  • Making the decision

Exploring the challenges of giving powerful feedback, along with insights into how feedback works, the process and key skills.

  • Past experiences that may frame your current approach.
  • What gets in the way of giving constructive feedback?
  •  An opportunity to practice some of the underpinning skills.
  • Understanding and applying the GROW model, using questions and listening to understand
  • Building skills through practise and feedback

Increase your ability to build powerful and enduring partnerships – an essential feature of the modern world of work.

Insights into how to increase your credibility, evolve existing relationships and understand how politics and power plays can effect the success of your partnerships.

  • What makes a great partnership?
  • How to manage expectations
  • Using the Trusted Advisor model to create credibility with clients, teams and stakeholders
  • How to use the trust equation to build better relationships
  • How to create an environment of reliability
  • How to use consulting skills to evolve relationships
  • How to better understand and overcome politics and power plays
``Really vibrant, knowledgeable facilitator and all the exercises were relevant and engaging. I learnt a lot!”- Cohn & Wolfe
``Understanding how to tackle difficult conversations, provide the most effective feedback and ultimately get the best out of the people I manage.”-
``A mind changing experience on how to receive and give feedback.”<br /> -
“Informative and interactive course with good theory as well as practical exercises to take away and use in our day to day work.”-
``Very engaging, useful and eye-opening.”-