How to plan an employee event or programme

We can create employee wellbeing programmes designed to work with existing initiatives, local and even national events. Here are some sample modules along with some national events in 2018 that will put workplace wellbeing in the spotlight.

Employee wellbeing programme themes and topics

It’s useful to start with an overarching theme and develop from there

Here are some ideas…

Are your people crazy busy? Techniques and insights that reveal how to stop procrastinating and get the real job done.

Ways to manage energy levels and build your resilience.

Ideas to get the most out of working with, or leading, a team.

A chance for individuals to experience a one-to-one coaching session and set some goals.

Have a go at yoga and how to use simple postures to raise energy levels, improve focus, or reduce stress.

Meditation and breathing techniques to help refocus and find ways to destress in the busy work day.

When’s a good time to run an employee wellbeing programme?

There may be internal dates, such as staff conferences, or after a major sales initiative

But national and international themes can also provide a good “hook”…

Throughout July, Samaritans branches are also holding events throughout the UK and Ireland to raise awareness of the services they offer in their local communities.

Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your theme. World Chocolate Day (sometimes called International Chocolate Day) occurs globally every year on the 7th of July.

Established by the United Nations and designed to encourage friendship making as a way of overcoming injustice, war and poverty.

Month-long campaign which aims to raise awareness of organic products, brands, producers and farmers.

A focus on eradicating poverty in all its forms.

Sponsored by “quiet” washing machine maker Whirlpool, the aim is to dial down the noise in homes and offices.

National Fitness Day encourages the UK to celebrate the fun of fitness and physical activity.

Stoptober is a Public Health England Campaign and part of the One You health campaign that is held every October with the aim of helping people quit smoking.

National Work Life Week is an opportunity for both employers and employees to focus on well-being at work and work-life balance.

Just under 46% of employers were planning to introduce wellbeing strategies in 2017 – Employee Wellbeing  Research 2017 The evolution of workplace  wellbeing in the UK

“Organisations view employee wellbeing as a broader workplace and business driver rather than as a tactical way to control absence or improve productivity” – Employee Wellbeing Research 2017 The evolution of workplace wellbeing in the UK