Workshops & events

  • Wellbeing days that are both enjoyable and empowering.
  • Learning with a clear, people-centric focus addressing key issues.
  • Workshops and training in topics as diverse as healthy eating, energy, motivation and mental health.

Mental Health

“Our Mental Health Day event was a great success. We had 72 members of the urbanest team in attendance. Feedback on the day and in the days following was extremely positive. Very thought provoking workshop and a fantastic way to get the conversation started”

Caroline Hughes – HR Administrator, urbanest

One day workshop for those who want to make a real difference to their workplace culture, by empowering others to talk about mental health to reduce stigma.

Exercises will focus on building on participants’ existing knowledge of mental ill health and develop their skills to become effective Mental Health Champions.

  • What is a Mental Health Champion?
  • How to understand the power of stigma
  • How to create conversations about mental health in the workplace
  • How to implement mental health initiatives
  • How to develop impact with supporting others

How to keep yourself well

Stimulating and interactive half day workshop offering participants the opportunity to develop mental health awareness and understanding through a variety of thought provoking games and exercises.

  • What mental health means to people
  • How to create conversations about mental health
  • Communication skills around mental health issues
  • How to spot the signs of a variety of mental health issues from Depression to Schizophrenia
  • How to get started with initiatives in the workplace
  • How to keep yourself well


From shorter sessions designed to show teams how optimism can be learned and how it brings both personal and business benefits, through to longer workshops around developing the Eight Resilience Capabilities, ways to balance work and life better, techniques to avoid getting drawn into other people’s messes and how to stop strengths becoming weaknesses.

As understanding of the link between what we eat and how we feel continues to grow, organisations need to pay more than lip service to employee nutrition. But above and beyond maintaining fresh contents in the office fruit bowl, what should companies be doing and how?

Mood & Food are two complimentary workshops combining interactive exercises and food tasting sessions designed to help people:

  • tune into and make the most of their natural energy – no matter how challenging the workload
  • better understand what good nutrition looks and tastes like.


“The combination of BOOST Day sessions covering energy, time management and wellbeing within the same day worked really well and the team all came away feeling energised and focused”

Anna Bond, UK Sales Director, Pan Macmillan

  • Our research tells us that learning in bite-sized chunks and experiencing the “how to” help make learning stick and ensures that being well becomes part the day job.
  • So our BOOST programme brings together the right combination of wellbeing experts in key areas such as time management, resilience training, coaching techniques, managing energy levels, yoga, breathing excercises…
  • These experts then deliver easy-to-digest sessions, grouped and delivered over a day, half-day or rolled out in smaller chunks over a longer time span of wellbeing work.
  • Sessions can be further tailored to your workforce profile and specific life stages, lifestyles and age groups.
  • Alternatively, plan a BOOST festival and see our experts under one roof, in one day with one goal in mind.