Boosting the way people think and do.

Performance-boosting approaches that harness the latest developments in areas such as neuroscience, personal effectiveness, positive psychology and sports coaching.

“If only I had more time”

Crazy Busy from Zena Everett explores ways to be five times more effective and the ‘hijackers that can prevent this’. How organisations create processes that create productivity-killing ‘organisational drag’. Research shows we can waste 20% of our time on this.

Are you Crazy Busy?

Our amazing workshop from the author of the Crazy Busy book, Zena Everett and her top tips for getting more done in a day than you currently get done in a week.

  • Learn how to best prioritise your work
  • See how you spend your time versus how you should actually spend your time
  • Confusing being crazy busy with being effective and how to stop
“A fantastic session. Inspiring, thought provoking and relevant. I feel I’ve been armed with some great practical advice to take back to the office so I can re-energise my approach.”


Using the latest thinking and insights from the world of neuroscience this workshop will teach you scientific persuasion techniques to power your sales success.

Learn the science of persuasion and how to relate to prospective customers to optimise sales.

  • Understand how to flex your style
  • Why discounting is not the answer
  • How to develop lasting client relationships
  • Being a more confident sales professional

Plus, you will learn:

  • How to understand the brain and buyer motivation
  • How to understand the brain and the selling process
  • Using neuroscience to be successful

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Energy & Motivation

This is all about balancing output and recovery with invaluable tips from sports and business coach, and former Olympic rower, Ben Tipney.

  • Discover your energy sources
  • Learn how to energise others
  • Uncover your motivation & mojo
  • The 4 domains for energy
  • Mental toughness & bouncing back!
  • How am I doing? Take the collaboration test
  • The rules of engagement
  • What gets in the way?
  • Building cohesion
  • T-shaped thinking
  • Putting the “C” into Action Plans
  • How to master the 3 stages of powerful conversations
  • More control over your interactions to create great effect
  • Bringing coaching into everyday conversations
  • Using the 4 Cs to build trust with teams and clients
  • How to build lasting relationships with your teams and clients
  • Using the Trusted Advisor model to map your stakeholders
  • Developing synergistic partnerships
  • Power plays and politics
  • Essential consulting skills

Pulling Together

Our latest and most adventurous Team Development Day, led by Ben Tipney.

Held at the iconic Marlow Rowing Club, the home club of Sir Steve Redgrave, the day will transform the way you think about team chemistry, optimising team and individual performance and the difference between going all out and going the distance.

Pulling Together Team Day flyer