One-to-one coaching, team coaching, coaching for leaders and developing coaching skills within organisations and teams.

We blend a wealth of coaching and coach training experience, built up over time and with an innovating approach.

In a marketplace that is increasingly crowded with organisations offering coaching services. Through its coaching and coach training arm, The Coach House, Bec Development offers personal and executive coaching, coach training programmes and courses.


One-to-one coaching to develop skills, abilities and mindset

What do you want to do?

  • Plan your first 100 days, in a new and challenging role.
  • Rise to the top – or learn how to stay there.
  • Deal with the tough or unexpected.
  • Evolve to meet new challenges in a business that is also evolving.
  • Discover and grow your strengths for the next step on your journey.
  • Develop an exit strategy from a particular job, a particular business, or into retirement.

Why choose us?

Track record, a huge range and depth of coaching skills and insights designed to inspire and energise the people we coach, aligning business needs with work skills and personal development.

  • We deliver practical results that will both stretch and sustain.
  • What we offer you is a partnership for as long and precisely when you need it and which will adapts as you do.
  • We can join you at critical points on your journey, as the demands of your career and the skills you need meet them evolve.
  • We’ll provide you with the space and the tools to reflect and learn.
Coaching individuals


Coaching and coaching skills for organisations

The Leader As Coach

Our highly successful 2.5 day programme.

The Leader as Coach introduces the core principles of coaching to your organisation, demonstrates their power and then begins putting them into practice.

Everyday Coaching

Short, practical, highly interactive half-day workshops for up to 15.

Everyday Coaching addresses the challenge for organisations who may offer executive coaching, or train managers in coaching skills, but who are currently not rolling out these skills are to their wider workforce.

Team Coaching

Group coaching sessions. The ideal group size is 6 to 8.

Whether you have a newly formed team, or an existing one that’s lost direction or energy, team coaching can help it get back on track, or raise its game.

Coaching inhouse

“I was able to discuss my areas for growth & weaknesses and get actionable advice and techniques. It helped me understand the intertwining relationship between my home and work life to allow me to be more motivated in both areas”