We blend a wealth of coaching experience, built up over time, with an innovating approach.

In a marketplace that is increasingly crowded with organisations offering coaching services, Bec Development offers track record, a huge range and depth of coaching skills and insights designed to inspire and energise the people we coach, aligning business needs with work skills and personal development.

  • We deliver practical results that will both stretch and sustain.
  • What we offer you is a partnership for as long and precisely when you need it and which will adapts as you do.
  • We can join you at critical points on your journey, as the demands of your career and the skills you need meet them evolve.
  • We’ll provide you with the space and the tools to reflect and learn.

What do you want to do?

  • Plan your first 100 days, in a new and challenging role.
  • Rise to the top – or learn how to stay there.
  • Deal with the tough or unexpected.
  • Evolve to meet new challenges in a business that is also evolving.
  • Discover and grow your strengths for the next step on your journey.
  • Develop an exit strategy from a particular job, a particular business, or into retirement.
Meet our coaches & trainers

“I was able to discuss my areas for growth & weaknesses and get actionable advice and techniques. It helped me understand the intertwining relationship between my home and work life to allow me to be more motivated in both areas”